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Our farms are located in Oceanside and Vista. Using rich fertilizers and organic minerals, Rodney and his family grow the sweetest and tastiest produce showcasing how delicious nature can be. Although not a certified organic farm, Rodney knows the importance of adding organic minerals to the soil as minerals enhance the flavors of the crop to yield the best possible produce. Once you try this exceptional produce, you’ll be convinced that Rodney Kawano Farms is superior in flavor, freshness, and quality.

When you visit the farmers market you will normally see Rodney or his sisters Kim and Priscilla running the booth and providing you with what is in season fresh picked from their farm.


Life is better when you are part of a community of family, friends, workers, and customers, who all support and help each other. Growing good food so the community can eat healthily is the Kawano family’s mission. They have dedicated their life to provide you with natural sustainable options. Make sure you stop by the market to support your local farmers!

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